'The Creation' by Karel Appel


Carried out by Willem van Oyen - Atelier BEVO 1957, Amsterdam

Karel Appel is one of the best known Dutch artists of the twentieth century. Apple has a substantial amount of monumental works of art carrying his signature. In 1958, a commotion arose in response to his monumental artwork for Paaskerk in Zaandam. The architect Karel Sijmons approached Apple personally for the design of the glass appliqué windows.

Sijmons collected modern art, including works by Cobra and was familiar with the work of the artist.
Apple designed these modernistic church windows as a six elongated glass
appliqué horizontal band. 'The Creation' windows belong to Apple's earliest monumental work. (Rutger Morellisen 2013)


Fifty seven years later, due to failure of the adhesive layers, fragments fall out resulting in loss and damage. Approximately  80% of the black paint is lost. 'The Creation', one of the earliest monumental works of the post-war period, is a typical example of a multi faceted challenge in conservation and restoration of glass appliqué art and will function as the central case study for this research project. (L.L.A. Melaard 2014)