Applique stained glass in P.J. Troelstraschool,  Amsterdam West


The restoration is accomplished and the appliqué glass is installed. See image below.

Augustus 2017

The glass appliqué window is removed from its original location. Type of adhesive been used is identified. Various tests been made. The restoration wil start in October 2017. The appliqué is going to be integrated in a new school.




The school building is demolished in 2015 and the appliqué art will not be integrated in the new building. The appliqué art of Hendrik Brouwer is now situated at TU/d CITG for study and documentation. The possibility of integration of the glass art is now being discussed with the district council TU/d researcher and the foundation Heemschut. First meeting, 3 oktober 2016





The glass appliqué window was designed by Hendrik Brouwer in 1959 and consists of 27 parts. The school building dates from 1959 and is on the list to be demolished in the course of 2015.


It is not clear whether the windows will be stored. It seems that Brouwers appliqué art is not going to be placed in the future school building.

Children were allowed to choose some works of art that are going to be placed in the new location. The windows were unfortunately not included!


The caretaker of the building emphasizes, 'High restoration costs are also part of the problem'. The future of the 54 years old post-war  glass appliqué window is therefore very uncertain.


See the detailed view of adhesive degradation. Yellowing, embrittlement, loss of adhesion and loss of transparency are some of the phenomena been observed.


Some areas show a black growth which may be a fungus growth. Samples of the adhesive is been taken for analysis


Ironically, many times the degradation phenomena look like work of art as well.


After restoration

School building
School building

Hendrik Brouwers glass appliqué
Hendrik Brouwers glass appliqué


Hendrik Brouwers glass appliqué
Hendrik Brouwers glass appliqué

Close up, upper part of the first floor

School building
School building