Applique stained glass in Theatre De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

The glass appliqué window was designed by Louis La Rooy in 1980.


Inspection report 20 Oktober 2014

Currently, some construction work is going on in the theater building. One does not know exactly what will happen with appliqué window of La Rooy. In any case, the art work will not be placed back in its original location.


The artist doesn't want his art work back.  One considers to place it as an independent object outside in the garden.


The condition of the art work is fairly good. However, there are many cracks visible, probably due to thermal damage as a result of the differences in thermal  expansion coefficient of the glass and the adhesive. 


Whether it is wise to place the object outside is questionable. 

The art work has fragments bonded to both sides (inside and outside)


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