Glass applique art on steamship Rotterdam

On October 25, 2013. I was welcomed by Mr. Krijnen in relation to my research into glaspplique art in the Netherlands.

The Rotterdam came in 1959 at the Holland-America Line in operation as the largest passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands. It was one of the most successful ships have sailed the world's oceans and has retained its original character.

The Conservation Foundation Steamship Rotterdam presents itself since 2009 as Friends of steamship Rotterdam and continues its activities. In consultation with owners and operators strive for a sustainable, culturally and historically responsible operation.

Rotterdam is a symbol of the resurrected Netherlands after World War II. The ship shows, like no other object, the spirit of the second half of the fifties of the twentieth century. (© F. van Burkom/ICN, B. Laan, F. Loomeijer/MMR, site

Since 15 February 2010, the Rotterdam open to the public. Since June 2013, the ship is owned by WestCord Hotels,